Bense Keeping Decision Close to the Vest - for the Time Being

Florida Speaker of the House, local State Rep. Allan Bense, admits he’s doing a lot of thinking and is getting a lot of pressure to run for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Bill Nelson.

But he’s not committing to anything. Bense says being speaker keeps him busy enough. He doesn’t need a campaign on top of it.

He also worries the battle could get brutal between himself and former Florida Secretary of State Kathleen Harris. Then he would have a second brutal race, if he won the first, against the incumbent Bill Nelson

Bense told NewsChannel Seven Monday afternoon he is leaning away from entering the race at this time.

He couldn’t say when he would make a formal decision about running, but he reminded us, a lot of times there is now more satisfying feeling than coming home having done a successful job.