Decaying Human Head Found on Bayfront

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Bay County sheriff's officials say the discovery of a human head late Monday afternoon in the shallow waters of St. Andrews Bay could be the missing link in the Lennia Hing murder case. The 18-year-old's headless body was found in a wooded area off of big daddy drive on panama city beach three months ago.

Lennia's husband, 19-year-old Blake Collier, was arrested and charged with her murder, but even with Lennia's accused killer behind bars, her family remained uneasy of what they knew would come next.

"We knew that because only part of her body was found we would some day get a call," says Barry Beaver, Lennia's stepfather.

They finally got that call late Monday afternoon from bay county sheriff's officials who told them a nearby resident may have found the missing link in Lennia's murder case. The man was walking his dog along the St. Andrews bayfront when he found a woman's head in about two feet of water.

"It kind of gives us closure, but also we're reliving it all over again," says Beaver.

The medical examiner's office will now determine if the head is Lennia Hing's, and while one chapter could soon be closed in this tragic case, Lennia's family says the worse is still yet to come.

"The bad part now is sometime down the line we're going to have to tell her daughter, Emma, about what happened to her mother," says Beaver.

An account has been set up for Lennia's daughter, Emma Collier, at all Trustmark Banks.