Lt. Gov. Jennings Shows Badly in Newest Poll

On the heels of new poll results that show her trailing badly in the list of potential Republican candidates for governor, Toni Jennings says she still hasn't decided whether to run.

The Mason-Dixon poll has Attorney Gen. Charlie Crist pulling most of the likely Republican voters with Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher behind him and Lt. Gov. Jennings is a distant third.

Jennings appeared unconcerned about the poll results, and said she's tired of people nagging her about whether she's going to run.

"I'm just still considering and not ready to move forward with it. I may never move forward with it but in the scheme of things, polls are polls. They are a snapshot of where something is at that very moment, and we all know they can change."

Jennings says she decide her future political plans soon. She says she will not run for U.S. Senate against Democrat Bill Nelson. The only race she would be interested in, she says, is for governor.