Holmes County Gas Tax

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Land prices and insurance rates aren't the only thing going up. Gasoline in Holmes County is well over $2.20 a gallon.

Believe it or not, residents may soon be wishing they could buy fuel that cheaply. County officials are considering raising local gas taxes.

A bigger pinch at the pump could be in your future if you gas up in Holmes County.

Jerry Lloyd says, "If they go higher on the gas, it's just going to hurt the economy and the poor people."

That may be the feeling of most people here, but at their latest meeting, county officials proposed several other ways to maintain the rising cost of running the county, and an additional gas tax was high on their list.

Rhonda Carl, a Holmes County resident, says, "It's not right raising taxes. It's like people are going to be thrown into a depression."

People like Rhonda Carl say the local economy should be considered before any additional taxes are imposed.

"There is a lot of struggling around here for the people that live here. I have four children. We're having a hard time making it, and the gas prices are outrageous."

Holmes County already has a one cent sales tax for the purpose of operating the county and a state regulated six cents gas tax that maintains roads and new construction.

In an upcoming public hearing, county officials will discuss imposing one or both of two additional gas taxes. Folks here say fuel isn't the only item that can be taxed.

Elizabeth Benway, a gas tax opponent, says, “Find somewhere else to make more money. What about cigarettes? People don't have to smoke, but they do have to get gas."

Holmes County currently receives money from their state regulated gas tax. Holmes County officials plan to hold a public hearing on June 28 at 3 p.m. to discuss the additional gas tax.