Florida's Public Schools Get Their Annual grades

Florida schools got their grades Wednesday. They are based on how well each school did this year on the FCAT exams. Local school officials have reason to be optimistic.

The state report shows Bay County schools showed a slight improvement over last year. 13 schools made As, 12 made Bs.

But one school received the county's first ever F grade. That was AD Harris, the high school for students who struggle academically.

Emerald Bay Academy, a school for kids with behavioral and academic problems received a "D."

Several schools made gains this year. Patterson Elementary scored the biggest gains from a "D" last year to a "B" this year.

Lucille Moore and West Bay jumped from "C" to "B." Springfield and Tommy Smith Elementary Schools reached "A" status.

On the high school level Mosley High repeated last year's "A" performance and Arnold High rose to a "B.”

Most of the county's middle schools remained the same, but Rosenwald Middle School dropped from a "B" to a "C.”

Beach and Parker Elementary Schools fell from an "A" to a "B" and Oakland Terrace dropped from "B" to "C."

Bay High School scored a "D" for a second year in a row. Superintendent James McCalister says Bay High has far more struggling students than the other area high schools.