Local School Uniforms Will Be Delayed Until Fall 2006

Some argue school uniforms will help increase student performance, but there weren't too many students at the Bay County School Board offices Wednesday who supported the county's proposed new dress code, which includes uniforms.

Incoming senior class members from Rutherford High School's International Baccalaureate program gave a coordinated presentation designed to table the discussion. Each student spoke on a different point against uniforms.

One of those was senior class member Michelle Bullard.

"If kids are determined to bring a weapon on campus, they will find a way even in an approved uniform like this one, a t-shirt approved by my SAC committee and a long skirt. A handgun the size of a large cell phone can easily be concealed, and since you cannot regulate my bust size or my thighs, your purpose is misguided."

Board members finally agreed any new uniform policy which won't go into effect for at least a year. They are concerned local stores won't have enough stock to meet the demand by the start of school this coming year in early August.

The dress code policy should come up for a final vote on July 7 and will go into effect in the fall of 2006.