DOT Issues a Safety Advisory to Motorists on Interstate 10

With Tropical Storm Arlene poised to enter the Gulf of Mexico threatening northwest Florida, the Florida Department of Transportation encourages every resident in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties to develop a personal hurricane transportation plan including evacuation routes and local maps.

With the Escambia Bay Bridge down to one eastbound lane across the bay, residents and travelers should consider using alternate routes such as U.S. 29 North, and Davis and Scenic Highway to U.S. 90 East in the event of an evacuation.

“The 2004 hurricane season was a perfect example of why Floridians need to be prepared for changing road conditions,” DOT District Three Secretary Edward Prescott stated. “We experienced everything from road flooding to the demolition of the I-10 Escambia Bay Bridge. The people of Florida have to be ready for everything.”

“During this hurricane season, all residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties and people traveling on Interstate 10 need to familiarize themselves with alternate routes of travel,” said Prescott.