Gulf Power Restoring Arlene Power Outages

More than 11,300 Gulf Power Company customers were without electricity because of Tropical Storm Arlene at 4 p.m. Saturday.

“It has been a very busy day with scattered power outages in Escambia, Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties,” said Lynn Erickson, Gulf Power spokesman. “We have had most of the outages in the Pensacola area where the winds were strongest.”

Most of the outages were caused by falling tree limbs, many weakened from Hurricane Ivan last September and from wind-loosened power line connections.

Of the 11,314 customers without power, 4,092 were in Escambia County, 5,590 in Santa Rosa County and 1,548 in Okaloosa County. The remaining 81 customers were in Bay and Washington counties.

“We will work as long as possible this evening to restore these outages, but for some customers it more than likely will be tomorrow morning before all electric service is restored,” Erickson said. “We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.”

If anyone still does not have electricity restored by noon on Sunday, Gulf Power asks that you call 1-800-GU-POWER (487-6937).

Helpful information for customers who have lost power:

  • Do not connect portable generators to your household wiring. This can cause serious injury to you and Gulf Power employees working on the lines in your neighborhood.
  • If your meter box or the mast on top of your meter box is damaged, those two items belong to you and you must have an electrician fix it before Gulf Power can restore power.
  • If you have flooding in your home – above or at the level of your outlets – Gulf Power will not be able to restore power until the home has been inspected by the city of the county.