Goose Bayou

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A local group is trying to preserve what's left of the Goose Bayou area by buying it up and making it public lands.

The area is called Upper Goose Bayou. It's 300 acres of islands and wetlands ripe for development, and those living around the outskirts want to keep this area pristine.

Fred Beauchemin, a Goose Bayou activist, says, "The sea grasses here cleanse the Bay and create a natural nursery for many kinds of sea life."

Beauchemin is part of a group called Friends of Goose Bayou. They need to raise $10 million by December to buy this land or it will be available for development.

Dr. Frasier Bingham, part owner, says, "We want to preserve this land; it's still pristine and we want to keep it that way."

Frasier and his family own most of this land. They also own the portion already slated for development.

"We tried back in 1991 to conserve that area too, but it didn't happen and now we have this great opportunity."

Now Bingham says he's worried waiting any longer will doom these tender wetlands to heavy development.

"It's beautiful out here and we could preserve this for all time right in the middle of an urban area."

The pink and yellow area is what's being debated this week at the Marina Civic Center. Those hearings wrapped up Monday. The Federal Department of Administrative Hearings will not have their decision for a few weeks.

Friends of Goose Bayou was only recently formed and is not part of those proceedings. You can make a donation or find out more information by logging onto their website: