Locks of Love

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For most youngsters, that first haircut is a big deal. It's an even bigger deal when a five-year-old decides to get that haircut so she can share with other children.

Kristen Adams is getting her very first haircut. It was her idea. She's doing it because she wants to help other children.

Melissa Adams, the young hair donor's mother, says, "It just warms your heart to know that your children are looking out for others to do something special."

Kristen is giving the hair that gets cut off to "Locks of Love," an organization that makes hair pieces for children who've lost their own hair after getting sick. She knows from experience how important this gift can be.

"She has decided to do this because she lost her aunt, which is my baby sister, to leukemia."

And even closer to home, Kristen saw the effects of chemotherapy on her own mother. The wigs, hats and scarves Melissa Adams had to wear left a lasting impression on Kristen.

"I had a battle this past year with cancer myself and lost all of my hair, which was really traumatic for her to see her mom without hair."

Locks of Love started in 1997. Since then they've provided custom fitted hair pieces to over 1,000 children, thanks to donations from people like Kristen.

Kristen said, "This was hair. It's all gone. Bye bye, hair."

If you'd like to donate your hair to a needy child or just learn more about Locks of Love, you can log onto their website at www.locksoflove.org.