Malone Substation

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The town of Malone in northern Jackson County is the only town in Florida that borders both Georgia and Alabama, but with no police department it's become an easy target for traveling criminals.

After Saturday that will all change. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office opened a new substation in Malone.

The substation located just off of Highway 71 across from the Town Hall will be manned with one deputy.

In the last year there have been two robberies in Malone, a bank and a grocery store. Both were committed by people from out of town.

Town officials are hoping that the presence of law enforcement will discourage any would-be criminals.

Gene Wright, Mayor of Malone, says, "The people that did the robberies had been in town all day basically casing out the town. We have a 40-hour a week deputy that we lease through the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, and it just so happens that he wasn't here either day."

The best thing about the substation is that it will cost the town of Malone nothing. Everything was donated by local businesses; even the furniture was given by Northwest Florida Electric.