New Panama City Municipal Flow Chart at City Hall

Panama City's new mayor says she won't be bullied into conforming to the old ways of the City Commission.

Mayor Lauren DeGeorge unveiled a new flow chart for the city putting area residents at the top.

She says the last administration decided policy before hearing from the public at the City Commission meetings.

DeGeorge says that will not happen under her watch.

“There was an attempt to indoctrinate me on the old regime, status quo, as far as how the City Commission should run. Citizens weren't really needed there or wanted, that pretty much the commissioners would have their minds made up on how they wanted to vote on an issue. I thought, well, I'm not sure that I like that at all."

DeGeorge says the new flow chart will be on display at City Hall for all to see. Citizens are listed at the top of the graph, a reminder, DeGeorge says, that elected officials work for the citizens.