Jackson County Charter School

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Until now, Jackson County had only one charter school. Now the county does not have any.

After a seven-hour informal hearing, School Board members voted unanimously not to renew the "Challenge for Success" school's charter.

The vote came after Superintendent Danny Sims made his second recommendation against charter renewal. Sims opposed the school based on a number of alleged violations, including failure to have a written curriculum, lack of students’ access to technology, and evidence of cheating on the FCAT, which resulted in test for 2003-2004 being invalidated.

"Challenge for Success" officials accuse Sims of making his decision before the hearing.

Thaise Hampton, President of Challenge for Success, says, "This was already prerequisite and already done, because there is no way to have gone in there and put this together in 10 minutes, so they had already decided what they were going to do. This was a kangaroo court anyway."

School officials also say they are considering turning "Challenge for Success" into a private school.