New Tax Plan Turned Down

The Walton County Commission discussed a plan Tuesday that would have given the sheriff the authority to raise taxes, whether he liked it or not.

Commissioners proposed a plan that would have allowed the sheriff to raise Walton County property taxes in addition to what the commission raises.

The idea was to make sure the Sheriff's Office could continue to fund itself, even if county commissioners raised taxes as high as the law would allow to pay for other services.

No one was suggesting an immediate tax hike now, but Capt. Danny Glidewell of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office said they didn't want any part of this proposal.

"One, we don't need it, we've got five mills and another 10 are allotted. Two, if it was dated as an initial tax, and three, it's going to make it harder for both the Sheriff's Office and the citizens to understand the financing of the Sheriff's Office."

Apparently the majority of the commissioners decided to listen to the sheriff. They voted against the proposal.