Flag Day in Panama City

When you hear about people burning the American flag, you usually imagine it as some kind of an anti-American protest, but did you know burning is actually the proper way to dispose of a worn or tattered flag?

The local Fleet Reserve Association, branch 346, hosted a flag burning ceremony Tuesday in conjunction with Flag Day.

Proper flag disposal was established as part of a larger set of civilian flag courtesies popularly known as the Flag Code. It was first formulated at the National Flag Conference meeting in Washington, DC, in June, 1923.

For local Fleet Reserve Association members, who've served in wars, the ceremony was both emotional and heartwarming.

Billy B. Snell is one of the Association’s members on hand for the ceremony and says, “When we have Old Glory flown on the staff so many times that it becomes un-serviceable, the proper way for destruction of it is by burning. I just wish that we didn't have to destroy it because it's so beautiful from sun up to sun down."

The disposing of the old flags is an annual Flag Day event for the Fleet Reserve Association.