Stinky and Serious Situation

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Boys and Girls Club executive director Paul Mosca has his hands full with 250 kids in his summer programs. Wednesday he was faced with "ecological disaster" right next door to his 19th Street facility.

Lake Hall is full of raw sewage.

Paul Mosca of the Boys and Girls Club says, "We always do fishing and canoeing in this pond and obviously it’s going to be a great deal of time now before we're able to do that.”

Lake Hall is now a murky brown color. Hundreds of dead fish are floating on the surface, and the smell is awful. The kids are worried.

They really are more concerned with the wildlife than anything else. They love to feed the ducks, and those ducks are part of our family. We've already lost some of the baby ones, but the big question is "who's responsible?"

C.W. Roberts construction crews were working on 19th Street when they hit a main sewer line. That sent the raw sewage pouring into the lake.

Roberts officials admit the accident, but say the city is responsible for cleaning it up. City officials say Roberts will have to pay for the cleanup, and they're not sure when that cleanup will happen.

Panama City Mayor Lauren DeGeorge says she will do what she can to speed up the process, but Mosca believes it will be several years before he and his kids can use Lake Hall again.

Humane Society workers have been rounding up as many of the ducks as possible and moved them away from the polluted water.