Monique Turenne Murder Trial

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Monique Turenne shed tears and held her hands to her mouth as the prosecution showed pictures of David Turenne's bloodied and beaten body, but Wednesday afternoon's testimony by the case's Chief Investigator Mike Jones, revealed a different side of the woman accused of killing her husband.

Turenne sat emotionless as Panama City's Former Chief Investigator Mike Jones took the stand, telling jurors how Turenne reacted when he arrived at the couple's home just hours after Major David Turenne was presumed murdered.

When I arrived at the scene she was folding clothes sitting on a couch," says Mike Jones.

Jones says he asked Turenne what happened. She began telling him about finding her husband dead outside their home, but he says her comments also revealed details about their relationship.

Turenne said she and her husband did not sleep in the same bed, that her husband couldn't perform sexually, drank heavily and refused to seek marriage counseling.

"She kept going back and forth with what happened and her relationship with her husband. I felt odd about it. I felt uncomfortable that she would be talking about it while he was still outside dead," says Jones.

Jones says he got the same feeling when he asked Turenne if her husband ever abused her.

"I told her she needs to be tell me because there's two sides to every story. She looked me in the eyes and said there's three sides to every story. Mine, David's and the truth. It's your job Det. Jones to find out the truth. I got goose bumps on my arms. I felt it just was not the actions of a grieving wife," says Jones.

Thursday morning the defense will get a chance to cross examine Mike Jones.