Parole Commission denies relief to area murderers

The Florida Parole Commission has heard the cases of two men charged in the 1983 murder of Chipley businessman, Buddy Cummings.

Wesley Briggs and Dean Wilson were convicted of First Degree Murder, in separate trials, in the October 14, 1983, shooting of Cummings.
A third suspect, Judith Loren was tried separately and also convicted in the murder.

The pre-sentence reports indicated that Loren offered Briggs a percentage of the insurance money she would receive upon the death of her estranged husband.

Dean Wilson bought ammunition for the firearm and accompanied Wesley Briggs to the Cummings home where Briggs fired one shot to the back of Cummings’ head. Florida law, at the time, called for a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

At a hearing in Tallahassee this week members of the Cummings family and Deputy Chief Assistant State Attorney Joe Grammer spoke against the parole of Briggs and Wilson. Wilson’s wife, whose wedding was in June, 2007, at Wakulla Correctional Institution, spoke on behalf of her incarcerated husband.

The parole examiner had earlier recommended a release date of February, 2013, for Wilson and a date of November, 2014, for Briggs.
After taking testimony, the Commission set the presumptive parole date for Briggs as May 21, 2059, and Wilson’s date for November, 23, 2063. The cases may be reviewed in 2012.

Judith Loren’s case will be heard by the Parole Commission on April 9 this year

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