Bay County's Humane Society Shelter Needs Food Donations

The dogs are hungry at the Bay County Humane Society, and the cupboard is close to bare.

Wednesday the shelter was down to its last bag of dog food. The situation is a little better now, thanks to donations from NewsChannel 7 viewers, but a lot more food is needed.

The Humane Society is especially asking for donations of dry brown dog food, but puppy and kitten chow is also needed.

Michelle Noon is the Director of the local Humane Society and says, “We operate solely on donations here at the Humane Society and all of our food is donated from the public, so I have lots of mouths to feed and I appreciate all the donations."

You can drop food off during regular hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 5, or use the drop-off box outside the gate after hours.

The Bay County Humane Society is located right behind the Panama City Police Department on East 15th Street.