Frugal Friday

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Got to get a gift for Father's Day? Take a look at three "high-tech" gadgets. In this Frugal Friday, News Channel Seven's Carla Kneeland has recommendations that any dad might like.

Not only dads; if your still looking for a cool graduation gift, these ideas might help. The Fossil Wrist Net Smart Watch, at $149 dollars, might just be the perfect graduation gift for a son who loves sports, or a Father's Day gift for a dad who stays on top of stocks.

"This is a great little gadget. You can get up to the minute news, sports scores, stock quotes, weather forecasts. You can even get your horoscope on it. If you're outside of a major city, you may not get a signal, so it's best to contact to see if your area is covered by this FM radio transmission."

Basic news and weather is free. MSN Direct can customize other timely information for you for $39.95 a year.

Can you guess what the next gadget is?

The NexConcepts Mobile Note-Taker is a "high-tech" solution for Dad's "low-tech" note-taking. You attach it to any notepad and it captures all your notes, so you can transfer them to your PC and even e-mail them.

"You just write, connect it to your computer and download your files with the software that's available. It comes with AAA batteries and it's very easy to use."

Now, if your young "grad" enjoys the kind of music that'll never be on your "Top Ten" list of tunes, give him or her a pair of these Philips wireless headphones.

"This is a wireless headphone set and the sound is incredible. It's like having a stereo system on your head. You can walk around, no cord, no wires. It connected very easily to a DVD Player and VCR and CD player."

At $400, these headphones may seem a bit pricey, but that depends on what you're willing to pay for a little peace and quiet.

Manufacturers’ Contacts:

Fossil Wrist Net Smart Watch
425-638-7000 (Linda Mills)

NexConcepts Mobile Note-Taker
510-668-3542 (Jim Koblos)

Philips Wireless Headphones
404-870-6871 (Emily Halter)