College Teams Barred From Using Indian Names in Post Season Games

The NCAA is taking a firm stand against college nicknames such as Indians, Braves, Seminoles and Warriors.

The NCAA has banned the use of American-Indian mascots deemed "hostile or abusive" by sports teams in postseason tournaments starting next February.

The new rule also covers the use of nicknames and logos on uniforms and team clothing in post season activities, not in regular season games.

The NCAA said it do not have the authority to prevent schools from keeping their mascots nicknames and logos for regular season games.

Currently more than two dozen colleges or universities have American-Indian-based nicknames. FSU did issue a statement from President T.K. Wetherell saying the university is "stunned" at the committee's lack of appreciation for cultural diversity.

The college president went on to say: "I intend to pursue all legal avenues to ensure this unacceptable decision is overturned and that this university will forever be associated with the unconquered spirit of the Seminole tribe of Florida."

There no reaction yet from the Chipola College Indians in Marianna about the new rule.