Calls Being Made to Stop Students From Leaving School for Lunch

Thursday’s tragic traffic crash, which claimed the life of a popular 17-year-old Mosley High School Student who had left campus for lunch has renewed debate over the lunch practice.

Seventeen-year-old Emily Tuthill died suddenly Thursday while returning to school from lunch.

Bay High School’s Katia Bettes suffered severe injuries four years ago when a student rushing back from lunch break ran over her.

After this week’s fatal crash many are questioning the logic of the off campus lunch break.

Besides the tragic accident, some police believe the off-campus lunch activity allows teenagers to engage in illegal activity, but school officials stand by the policy.

David Messer, Lynn Haven Police Chief, says, “There is no reason for them to leave school. They can feed them at school, and if not, then they can bring a bag lunch and eat. There is no reason to get out of school and get themselves in trouble.”

Bay County School Superintendent James McAllister says he’s always supported it.

“I believe juniors and seniors are mature enough to handle the responsibility.”

School officials say they will meet to discuss the issue and to decide if any Bay County school policies regarding leaving campus at lunchtime should be changed.