Teenager Killed in Car Crash Laid to Rest

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Last week's car accident that killed a Mosley High School student on the first day of school is a story that has thousands of local students and parents upset. Many can't help but think it could have been their child or their friend.

Those thoughts were on the minds of many as they gathered at First Baptist Church in downtown Panama City Sunday afternoon for 17-year-old Emily Tuthill's funeral.

Tuthill was returning to Mosley after lunch when she was killed in a car accident in Lynn Haven Thursday. She was a passenger in the car.

Many Bay County school officials attended the memorial service. They plan to meet soon to discuss open campus safety concerns.

Bay County School Superintendent James McAllister said Sunday, "I think this is a time for grieving for everyone, and my heart goes out to the three families involved in this tragedy. Lives will be forever changed because of it."

School Board Member Jon McFatter was also there. He said, "Hopefully through Emily's death we can do something positive for our students. We really tout safety as a high priority for all of our students in Bay County."

Experts say auto accidents are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 19. Tuthill died just two days after her 17th birthday.