North Walton Plane Crash

A single engine plane, a 1966 Beechcraft V-35, crashed Sunday afternoon in the Old Landfill Road area of north Walton County.

Records show that the crashed airplane is registered to John D. Yates and Dale Allen of Friendswood, Texas.

At the time of the crash, the pilot was 51 year-old Dale Allen. He was killed. The only other person in the plane at the time of the crash was Mr. Allen’s 14 year-old son. The teenager was conscious after the crash and able to use a cell phone to call 911.

Even under such tragic circumstances, the young man was able to provide some additional information to aide rescue efforts. He was life-flighted to Sacred Heart hospital in Pensacola where he’s in guarded but stable condition.

The small private plane crashed in a swampy area and, in the words of one team member, rescue was one of the most difficult he had worked in a long time. Rescuers, although hampered by the swampy conditions, worked quickly and efficiently to get the 14 year old out to the waiting AirHeart medical helicopter transport.

At this time the cause of the crash is not known however, witnesses on the ground reported that the plane’s engine “was putt-putting like it was running out of fuel….”

Residents in the area who realized that the plane was in distress jumped on 4-wheelers and immediately began a search of the wooded area.

The N-T-S-B and the F-A-A are investigating. The official cause of the crash hasn’t been determined.