Mosley Speeding

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This fatal crash has some people questioning the wisdom of allowing high school students to leave campus for lunch.

They say the 50-minute lunch break is not enough time for the students to leave campus, eat lunch, and return safely without speeding.

For Lynn Haven police officers, this time of year is business as usual, more students on the street speeding through back roads and it's the law enforcement's jobs to let them know it won't be tolerated.

Police officials in Lynn Haven say it's obvious when students from Mosley are on their lunch break.

Conway Breeder with Lynn Haven PD says, "We were there for a few minutes prior to lunch. The average speed was the low 30s, 30, 33, and then when the lunch period came about the average speed increased to somewhere between 40 and 45 five miles per hour."

Lynn Haven Police Sgt. Conway Reeder clocked most students speeding through a back road to avoid the traffic on Highway 77.

Even more speeders were found through the school zone right in front of Mosley, but speeding is just part of the issue during lunch time.

"Twelve to one, all the employers allow their people to go to lunch. The schools go to lunch. It's just the volume of traffic, the congestion. They got 50 or so minutes to get where they're going and get back. It's a race."

Meanwhile on 77 and Mosley Drive, a student was involved in an accident.

"It was just a fender bender. I guess the student was leaving Mosley and rear-ended a car that was trying to turn left. It was minor damage, probably a couple hundred bucks total."

Lynn Haven Police Chief David Messer says getting students to slow down is a big part of being back at school.

"Every year we have to go out and monitor the traffic, make sure they know that if they're speeding we're going to deal with them and just get them reacclaimated to not speeding through the neighborhoods and things like that."

On a positive note Sgt. Breeder says that the students have slowed down considerably since last week’s tragedy.