Tragedy Brings Talk of School Lunch Changes

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The Tuthill tragedy will weigh heavy on the minds of school administrators as they make some concrete decisions about their students leaving campus for lunch.

In Bay County, each of the high school principals has the authority to make their own policies regarding the lunch issue.

Mosley High has allowed juniors and seniors to leave campus since the school opened in 1973, but the student population was much smaller and the surrounding neighborhood was not nearly as developed.

When I went to Mosley today to check on the lunch traffic, I found students racing to make it back to class on time, but there are other issues.

There are questions as to whether the Mosley cafeteria could handle feeding 2,100 students, and although Mosley Principal Bill Husfelt has the power to change the policy, he says he's reluctant to do it right now.

Husfelt says this is a no-win situation. Parents want their children's safety and children want the freedom, so he's not making a move without some guidance from the School Board.

The School Board is meeting Wednesday at 1:00 and the off-campus lunch issue is expected to come up and we'll be at that meeting to report what happens.