Florida's Panhandle Took a Glancing Hit From Tropical Storm Cindy

Florida's Panhandle, still repairing damage from last year's Hurricane Ivan, took a glancing hit from Tropical Storm Cindy. The storm brought only rain and winds of about 30 miles per hour in Pensacola.

By 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, Cindy had weakened into a tropical depression.

Officials say there was no significant flooding. Between one and three inches of rain fell in the extreme western part of Florida instead of the predicted three to seven inches.

About 7,600 Gulf Power customers in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties lost power Wednesday. A company spokeswoman says crews were working last night to restore power to 769 customers in the Pensacola Bay area.

At the beaches, surf conditions prompted red-flag warnings. Tropical Storm Arlene also caused little damage when it hit the Panhandle last month.