Beach Rescue

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Beach city officials posted double red flags along area beaches, warning swimmers to stay out of the water, but some beach-goers refused to heed the warning, like one 18-year-old Pennsylvania teenager.

He was one of several people the Panama City Beach Fire Department had to rescue.

Shelby Marr, a tourist, says, "Not that it was his fault he got swept out there, but there are flags telling you don’t get in the water."

The sunny skies may have fooled tourists into believing the water was safe, but there are still strong rip currents left over from Tropical Storm Cindy.

Daniel Martin, a tourist, says, "Actually, whenever I first saw it he wasn't so far out and I was actually gonna go in, but I think I changed my mind due to the fact that I don't think I would have made it back in."

Rescue workers revived the teen, then paramedics took him to a local hospital. He'll be okay, but beach police are hoping his plight will serve as a warning to others: heed the flag warnings. And with Hurricane Dennis heading this way, officials fear the surf conditions will only worsen.

Carly O'Donnell, another tourist, says, "I just know it says don't get in the water, so don't get in it. Just abide by it and it'll save you a lot of trouble, maybe your life."

Authorities pulled at least five people out of the Gulf Thursday. They expect the double red flags to fly until after Dennis is not longer a threat.