Hurricane Dennis Has an Effect on People's Wallets

Gas prices have jumped significantly in the past 24 hours.

Some say the hurricane is contributing to other worldwide factors driving up the prices. Gas prices in town and on the beach have shot up by 10 cents a gallon in the last day. Some others have gone up even more, like 30 cents a gallon so far this week.

Several stations that still had the cheaper gas were over-run with customers Thursday. At least two of them ran completely out of gas by mid afternoon.

Crude oil prices jumped three percent to over $69 a barrel after Tropical Storm Cindy. Analysts say that's because the storm interrupted oil producing in the gulf and refinery operations on shore.

Many motorists don't buy it and say it’s a poor excuse for hiking prices especially when the area could be facing a big evacuation because of Dennis.

Dealers tell us to see the national average for a gallon of self-serve unleaded will top $2.30 a gallon next week. That's something we are already seeing all around the Panama City Area.