Jail Security

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Overcrowding has long been a problem at the Bay County Jail. The overcrowding has an opportunity for one well known inmate to attempt an escape.

Working on a DEA tip about a planned jail break, Bay County sheriff investigators along with CCA correctional officers searched several cells on the sixth floor at the Bay County Jail Monday evening.

"When we searched the cell of Robert Bailey, we found hacksaw blades."

Twenty-three-year-old Robert Bailey is currently awaiting a trail date for the shooting of Panama City Beach Police Officer Kevin Kight"

Bailey's been incarcerated at CCA since March. Authorities won't say how long he's been working on his escape plan, but one thing they do know, he was well on his way to completing them.

Ruth Sasser of BSO Public Affairs says, "What Mr. Bailey had done was to saw through the bolts that hold the metal greets attached to the window in his cell. He was attempting to cut around the window in his cell to remove the entire window, and proceeded quite well."

Officials from CCA say though the jail was built to house just under 200 inmates and now houses up to 900 at times, some inmates are just opportunist.

Kevin Watson, CCA warden, says, "Inmates have 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to figure out ways to get out or how to manipulate, and staff has eight hours a day to try to figure out how to stop them."

Bailey is now being held in maximum custody until his trail date in October when he faces the murder charge.

Bailey is now facing additional charges of attempting to escape and the introduction to contraband to a detention facility.