Gas Prices to Jump

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The summer travel season may be winding down just in time for another rise in fuel prices.

Oliver Haddigan and his family drove to Panama City from Montreal, Canada and had to fill up their four-cylinder vehicle six times.

Oliver says, "It's got pretty good mileage. We wanted to buy a mini-van, but we're not sure about it anymore. It's pretty expensive for gas."

Crude oil prices hit a record high $60 a barrel Friday and analysts say the reality of $7 a barrel is not far away.

According to AAA Motor Club, a gallon of regular unleaded is up more than 50 cents from where it was this time last year, but how much is enough? How much can the American consumer take? Is it time to start thinking about an alternative mode of transportation?

"I'm almost there. I'm about to get a bicycle and start driving around."

Some drivers are still hoping for rising prices to go in the other direction.

"They need to lower the gas prices, especially for the summer months. People are traveling all over and it's really taking more money out of your budget trying to travel."

Another visiting Canadian says Americans don't have it as bad as our neighbors north of the border.

Sharon, visiting from Ottawa, says, "Come to Canada and you'll pay $5 a gallon right now, so you guys are pretty lucky, but I guess you find it pretty high, don't ya?"

What goes up must come down, but not in the case of gas prices.

Sixty four percent of the people responding to a poll conducted by The Associated Press and AOL say gas prices are expected to cause money problems for them in the next six months.