With the entire Panhandle declaring a local state of emergency and calling for evacuations, many folks are already on the road to a safer place.

With their vehicles stuffed with what ever could fit in, the people say they're heading east and most likely out of the path of Hurricane Dennis.

"We're from Milton, Florida and we're headed to Tallahassee to get away from Dennis the menace."

"We're from Miramar Beach, Florida and there's a hurricane coming, so we're out of there."

Eastbound traffic on I-10 continued to pick up as the day went on. It seems that last year's hurricane season taught some people to plan ahead.

"We arranged for a hotel about five days ago so that we would have it. We paid it. We knew we were going. We went last year to the same place."

Paul Cutright from Fort Walton Beach says he started his hotel search Friday morning and was only able to find something out of the state.

Paul said, "The closest we could find was over in Brunswick, Georgia. We tried incrementally from like Tallahassee on, and that was the first place that was somewhat suitable. We have pets, so that just made it a little bit more difficult."

Others were using a little humor to make the best of their situation.

Dave Thomas from Destin said, "We're headed to Tallahassee. We're scared of the hurricane. They are, but I'm not. I was going to ride a ship out there."

One thing's for sure, you can't go wrong evacuating. Dennis has already claimed over 20 lives on its track through the Caribbean.

If you’re evacuating and have to take your pets, experts suggest you call ahead of time. Many hotels lift their pet restrictions during emergency situations.