Police Say the Pamela Ray Case Is Still Active

It’s a mystery that began 13 years ago this past Friday and it looks like there’s no end in site.

On August 12, 1992, Pamela Ray disappeared from Panama City Beach without a trace. Ray and two of her children had driven late at night from their home near Atlanta to begin a few days of vacation at the beach.

The wanted to check into a motel but all had been closed for the night. She parked at the Wilhite Motel on the Front Beach Road near Long Beach a few minutes after five that morning.

At 5:25 a.m. a Panama City Beach Police Officer on routine patrol saw her talking to and walking with a white male. He didn’t investigate it because it was nothing out of the ordinary.

That’s the last time anyone saw Pamela Ray.

Wilhite motel employees called police around 8:30 that morning when they found Ray’s two children asleep in her locked car

The Present Panama City Beach Police Chief Robert Harding was a patrol officer at the time and took the first call about the children and the missing woman. He still has his notebook full of scribbling about the case. He says someday he hopes to be able to close the book and bring some closure for Pamela Ray’s husband and two children.