FSU May Wind Up Winning the Indian Mascot Case

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Outraged at being told their Indian mascot was "hostile and abusive,” Florida State University Friday filed an appeal of the NCAA policy that would have prohibited the mascot from appearing in post season play. The collegiate governing body appears willing to listen to FSU’s plea.

FSU’s mascot Osceola has been leading the Seminoles into victory since 1978 with the full support of the Seminole tribe of Florida. NCAA officials have now told the university it was unaware of the tribe's depth of support.

They've communicated, and T. K. Wetherell, FSU President, is hoping the entire controversy will be over soon.

"He could sign it tomorrow and could have it over by the weekend, be fine with me."

FSU apparently has an unlikely ally in its battle over political correctness, the president of the NCAA. Myles Brand says in a column that Florida State University has a well-documented case.

That's encouraging news to school officials, like Jim Smith the Chairman of the FSU Board of Trustees.

"The NCAA is probably rethinking what was a bad decision, we believe."

Just to be on the safe side, FSU President T. K. Wetherell held a conference call with Florida lawmakers and FSU supporters, where he announced the school is sending its letter of appeal to the NCAA.

He says if this doesn't work, “"We're prepared to go as far as we need to go."

Both sides appear to want to have this behind them sooner rather than later. The ban on "abusive or hostile" nicknames and mascots is set to go into effect in February of next year.