Three Teens Arrested in Alcohol Near-Death Case

Authorities say three teenagers are facing charges after another teen nearly died when he drank too much alcohol and passed out in the surf off Okaloosa Island.

On June 7, 14-year-old Michael Mobley was rescued from the water off a Destin area beach.

A vacationer staying at a resort spotted Michael floating in the surf from his fourth-floor hotel balcony and ran down to rescue him.

After repeated CPR attempts by bystanders and emergency crews, Michael's heart started beating again and he began breathing on his own.

The teen's father says doctors found he had a blood-alcohol content of .32, four times the legal driving limit.

Now, Michael is being treated for severe brain injuries. He is bedridden and can't talk, and is fed through a tube surgically implanted in his stomach.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office has arrested three teenagers who they say gave Michael the alcohol. All the charges the teens face are misdemeanors.