Flood Waters Receding

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Jack McKenna and his wife Nyra live on Eighth Street Circle in Lynn Haven. Like many on this block, Dennis left more than a foot of water in their homes.

Jack says, "Everything's gone. All the rugs are gone. The furniture itself, everything that's cloth is gone because it has water in it."

Sunday the storm surge overwhelmed many streets south of Virginia Avenue for a time, making boats the preferred method of transportation.

On Monday, piles of carpet have become a sign of the times as homeowners have had to rip them out of their homes, and that's not the only thing. Furniture and even appliances have to go due to water damage.

City officials say nearly 250 Lynn Haven homes had to deal with floodwaters and around 50 or 60 had water inside them.

At its worst, the water level generally rose to almost a foot and a half. In one lowered sunroom you can look at a couch and see how high the water rose.

Jim and Nyra evacuated before Dennis came to shore, but now have to figure things out.

"We're from originally New York. We only had to worry about snow, so we're basically fighting our way through it trying to find out what to do."

The general consensus is that Hurricane Opal was much worse, and many of these residents say they learned from that storm and got flood insurance. It's a good thing, because homeowner’s insurance does not cover rising water.

There was some concern about sewage water leaking from an advanced treatment water plant. City officials say there were no leaks from the plant.