Holiday Island at Destin Damaged by Dennis

Homeowners along the coast in Okaloosa County took another hit. Some areas of Destin were barely rebuilt from Hurricane Ivan.

Now Holiday Isle and Santa Rosa Boulevard are off limit to everyone.

Rick Witt decided to take a chance on Hurricane Dennis. He and his wife stayed in their Holiday Isle home and rode out the storm.

"We did pretty well. We lost some of our dunes out front; we're trying to rebuild those, trying to backfill under the deck that got washed out. Other than that, we did pretty well, looking forward to getting electric and water back. This camping thing is for the birds."

You can see signs of the powerful storm everywhere. The pool now has its own beach, hit hard by Mr. Sandman.

People may blame Dennis for all of this damage, but Ruthie Witt believes people themselves are responsible for creating the conditions.

“It makes you afraid when the residents or builders come in and don't take care of the property and overuse it and overbuild it, and don't take care of the dunes, that's when the fears come in because there's no protection."

Okaloosa County sheriff's deputies will patrol the damaged areas all night. Property owners won't be allowed back on their property until authorities can be certain it's safe. For some, that could be as soon as Tuesday.