Dennis Victims Dealing With Heat, No Power, but Things Looking Up

Things are starting to get back to normal in Florida's Panhandle in the wake of Hurricane Dennis.

Power is slowly being restored. Gulf Power says it has restored power to more than 50,0000 of the 242,000 homes and businesses that lost electricity.

Restaurants are opening and lines at gas stations are getting shorter as more stations get more electricity.

All the Wal-Marts are open as are most of the area's grocery stores.

Ice and water is still being handed out free, but those lines are getting shorter, too.

Dennis hit a barrier island just off Pensacola on Sunday with 120 miles per hour winds.

Home improvement stores are buzzing with people looking for chain saws and other equipment to begin their cleanup.

With few houses destroyed by Dennis, shelters are shutting down.

State officials say only 225 people remain in six shelters Tuesday.