The No Power Hours

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The sound of generators can be heard all down Hugh Drive in Callaway. People there have been without power since early Sunday morning.

Frank Ruiz says, "It has been absolutely terrible. I've got Frank Ruiz, four standup fans. That’s about all you can do."

Power cords running from generators to refrigerators and fans are these people's life line right now.

Blair Davis says, "We just hope to get power back on somehow."

Branches from a tree on Hugh Drive crossed power lines and is most likely the cause of the outage for the nearly 30 homes in that area that are still without lights.

People in this neighborhood are blaming a tree for their power outage. People in the neighborhood came down to get the limbs out of the way so workers could get in here and now they are angry because the power still hasn't come back on.

Lisa Kapoi says, “It's very confounding as to why. It doesn't look like a hard fix problem. The people removed the tree. If that was the problem, that's gone now so there is no reason they couldn't just send a crew out here to put the wires back up."

People here are frustrated and they just want some answers, and of course, power, and what will they do once power does comes back on?

"Just turn the air conditioner to 60 degrees and just, ahhhhh."

Gulf Power officials say they should have power restored to all of their Bay, Holmes, Jackson and Washington County customers by the end of Tuesday, if it isn't already.

If you're a Gulf Power customer and you're still without electricity, call 1-800-GU-POWER. If you're a Chelco Electric Co-op customer, report outages to 1-800-342-0990.