Gulf Power Completes Restoration in Eastern Areas

Only 48 hours after power restoration began in the wake of Hurricane Dennis, Gulf Power Company is now completing restoration efforts in Bay, Holmes, Jackson and Washington Counties.

The only customers not on are a few isolated cases in the Eastern part of Bay County, and those are projected to be restored in the next few hours.

In order to ensure that no one has been overlooked, the company is now asking customers in these four counties to call 1-800-GU POWER (487-6937) if they still do not have power.

"We're at the point now that we can work individual, isolated outages in these areas," Lynn Erickson, Gulf Power spokesman, said. "A call from customers will help ensure that we've not missed anybody who can receive power."

Approximately 21,000 customers in Gulf Power's Eastern District were without power after Hurricane Dennis made landfall on Sunday afternoon.

The company estimates that power will be restored, company-wide, to 95 percent of the remaining customers who can take power within a week, weather permitting. The estimate excludes Santa Rosa Island.