New Speed at Bozeman

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The flashing yellow lights and new 35 mile per hour speed limit in the Bozeman Learning Center school zone have brought some relief to Tara Stewart who takes her child to school every day.

Crews quickly put up the news signs Tuesday morning, and in case drivers missed them, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper stood by to hammer in the point, but some parents wonder it the speed limit could go even lower to 20 miles an hour.

Florida Department of Transportation officials say the portion of Highway 77 near Sand Hills doesn't see any foot traffic and therefore has no crosswalks which would bring the lower speed limit.

Tara say not so fast.

“Children do walk to school. People need to slow down and be more careful that do try to pass and cross the street on 77.”

Others applauded the new speed limit, but added their two cents as well.

“Extend the school zone as well because its 65 going north and south coming into the school zone. It’s so easy to just let off the gas and drive and your still doing 50 by the time you hit the school zone.”

But right now this new 35 mile an hour zone is the sole solution and the DOT along with Bozeman parents hope it will work.

Before the change, motorists could go twice as fast in the Bozeman school zone compared to all others in Bay County.