Former Congressman From Pensacola May Challenge Katherine Harris

Two Republican businessmen say the GOP wants cable TV host Joe Scarborough to challenge Congresswoman Katherine Harris for the 2006 Senate race.

According to a report in the Pensacola News Journal, Republicans think Scarborough may stand a better chance against incumbent U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.

Scarborough is a former U.S. representative who was elected to Congress four times. Republican Collier Merrill says Scarborough has met with senior party officials.

And businessman Eric Nickelsen says he's urging Scarborough to run.

The former congressman does a nightly one hour program on Cable MSNBC from a studio at his home in Pensacola.

Polls show Harris lagging behind Democrat Nelson.

Her campaign manager Jim Dornan says if Scarborough runs, he'll face Harris in the Florida primary in September, 2006. For now, Harris has no plans to step aside.

Scarborough isn't commenting.