There's a Shakeup in Progress at the Bay County Jail

The Corrections Corporation of America says it is granting Warden Kevin Watson's request for a demotion and a transfer out of the area.

CCA executives in the headquarters in Nashville say he submitted the written request Tuesday. Watson is an 18-year veteran with CCA who only took over as warden of Bay County's jail operations earlier this year.

CCA denied reports that it was investigating Watson for possible improper use of a company credit card. Bay County officials confirmed they'd heard that report, and were told by CCA they'd be notified about Watkins future by the end of the week.

NewsChannel 7 has also learned CCA jail annex security Chief John '
Rochforte was fired last week over performance issues, and the downtown jail security Chief Michael Tompkins asked for a demotion last week, reportedly for health reasons.

All of this comes as CCA is taking some criticism over an escape attempt last week.

Corrections officers caught Robert Bailey, the man accused of killing Panama City Beach police Ofc. Kevin Kight, trying to saw through security bars with hacksaw blades.