Dive Team Returns

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Mike Zinszer was one of the four members of the FSU PC Underwater Crime Scene Investigation Team that left the Panhandle as Hurricane Dennis approached it.

Mike Zinszer, a diving safety officer, says, “The storm didn't affect their operations in Aruba, but here at home, our office didn’t do as well.”

Two to four inches of water crept inside.

Crews from the college managed to get most of the books and electrical equipment out of harm’s way, but the carpet is gone and there could be some wall damage.

While in Aruba, the UCSI unit searched four specific areas including an underwater cavern and a quarry with dark, black water. They found no sign of Halloway but shed new light on the search.

"Now they can refocus, take the facts available at the time and continue their investigation.

UCSI didn't want Dennis to make them investigate a new place to work, but the offices here have flooded before and they'll deal with it.

"That's what we do, overcome obstacles. This program from its inception to now has overcome so many obstacles to continue.”

And of course, a little water won't stop the dive team.