Lunsford Law Looms

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Fingerprinting and background checks will now be required for anyone doing business with a school in Florida. This means construction workers, vendors, even referees now must go under the microscope.

Lisa Thomaspeaden says, "It goes into effect September 1st, so everyone's really in a crush to be to get it completed in time.

Fifty-four Peaden employees must undergo the process, one that costs more than $60 per person. It takes time and could make finding employees difficult.

The act is in response to the murder of nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford allegedly killed by a sex offender who did work at her school, but the cost will ultimately be absorbed by schools and some feel the act is too vague on who does or doesn't get on campus.

"Is it drugs, sex offenders, is it domestic violence? There's really no certain black or white."

School officials say they will look at each case individually. Right now schools and most businesses are behind the act.

Wayne Elmore says, "I think it will work. It’s taken a little bit more time for the contractors and us, but yes, it will work."

"It is a good thing and I'm sure it will be worthwhile. It’s just another we need to adapt to."

Even so, we could some revisions over time. The act does not apply to school volunteers who serve as mentors or chaperones.