X-Fuge Back in Town

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X-Fuge is a Christian youth camp with a theme for the extreme, but camp organizers say they didn't expect the weather would be extreme as well.

As we told you last Friday, about 1,700 kids from X-Fuge were bused out of town with thousands of other evacuees. Hurricane Dennis not only cut their vacation short, it also meant around a $600,000 loss to Edgewater Beach Resort where they were staying.

Nationally known Christian bands, comedians and actors had to cancel their performances, but both parties says they're making the best out of what God gave them.

"About 200 kids didn't come in fear the storm had wrecked the place, but I feel bad for them. It didn't even seem like a storm hit," says Tyra Lokey-Robinson of X-Fuge Organizer.

"We were back up and running late Monday at full operations. About 1,500 checked in yesterday. We're very happy to see them back," says Andy Phillips, General Manager for the Edgewater Beach Resort.

About 1,500 kids arrived Wednesday to start praising God in paradise once more. They'll stay until July 15. Phillips says other guests are rescheduling their vacations to the world's most beautiful beaches.