Cape San Blas Damage

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Once again people in Cape San Blas are dealing with the after-effects of a hurricane. Although it wasn't as bad as Hurricane Opal in 1995, Dennis still left its mark on the Gulf front community.

Storm surge is responsible for most of the damage on Cape San Blas.

Clyde Ware, a resident, says, “About 12 miles here, the storm surge hit everybody. It went all the way across 98, which is about 600 feet across the area here."

Powerful waves battered the beach houses, flooding them out and turning them into giant sand boxes.

In Clyde Ware's case, many of his neighbors’ boardwalks just happen to wash up in his back yard.

"This is not all of them. We pulled a lot of them out to the road and they've already been picked up out there."

This septic tank was once covered by a five-foot sand dune, but storm after storm has exposed it to the elements. Now, the owner of the beach house is starting to wonder if it's really worth the headache.

Peter Sherrill says, “It's becoming questionable. It's been very nice, but it's getting a little tough to deal with."

Peter Sherrill's primary residents is in Arkansas, and after five hurricane seasons with this beach house, he's left with a leaky roof, no septic field, and of course, there's the extra real estate left by Dennis.

"We got three feet of sand over the whole lot that has to be bulldozed out. I'm a foot and a half from the ceiling and usually it's three to four feet lower."

For now, many in this coastal community say they'll just dig themselves out of the sand and continue to enjoy the beach.

Experts estimate Dennis hit Cape San Blas with about a 15-foot storm surge.