Gas Shortage in Bay County

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Robert Nix has been up and down 23rd Avenue in search of a place to fill his gas tank.

Robert says, “I've stopped at six or seven places today and everybody was outta gas and this was the only place I've found. I'm just tired of looking now.”

His dilemma is similar to many others' in Panama City trying to fill up. Many people are just baffled as to why there is a shortage and why prices are so high.

Jacky Bess says, “They say when something happens you know, the London bombing, and of course the oil rig in the Gulf. They always say it’s something like that, but I may not completely believe them."

The Chevron terminal is out of fuel and while some fill up stations still have gas available, once it's gone there's nothing left to restock it, and it looks like we'll be experiencing this shortage throughout the weekend.

Friday afternoon regular unleaded gasoline was scarce in most stations.

Jacky Bess says, “They can only give you high test which is, you know, a little too expensive.”

The Chevron terminal is expecting to receive a fuel shipment on Sunday or Monday. Afterwards they will send trucks out to restock the fill up stations.

The entire Panhandle has felt the effects of the gas shortage. Barges should be making their way back to the local terminals by early next week.