Property Owners Against Beach Renourishment

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Welcome to Peggy's home, or what's left of it. Hurricane Dennis destroyed what was already weakened by past storms. Peggy says all of this could have been prevented if the beaches had been rebuilt.

The city of Destin has been trying to begin beachfront restoration for years, but they're being challenged by property owners who say the city is trying to infringe on their private property rights.

Pat Whitehead has owned beachfront property for 30 years. Her house has been through many storms and held up. She says this renourishment program is simply a way for City Hall to bring in more tourists and more uninvited guests to her private property.

This issue ended up in court and now the city of Destin is just waiting for a permit to begin the renourishment project.

City officials want to begin this project right away but they may have to postpone the project due to turtle season, which lasts until November 1.