Katrina Being Felt Over 300 Miles Away

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Katrina's effects are far-reaching. Even in Gulf County, the people in Cape San Blas are again suffering from hurricane damage.

The eye of Hurricane Katrina came ashore in Mississippi, but that didn't stop its misery from being felt over 300 miles away in Cape San Blas.

It didn't take a direct hit, but Cape San Blas is once again the victim of a hurricane.

Phil Perkins, a resident, says, "I was here through Ivan, I was here through Arlene, I was here through Dennis and now Katrina. You keep coming out here and cleaning up doing the best you can that's all you can do."

A day later, and Katrina's visit is evident, from the exposed septic tanks along the beach to the waves rolling across the road that leads to the stump hole.

Buzz Geoghagan, also a resident, says, "We had a berm put out here after Dennis. It was about 6 to 8 yards from here about 9 to 10 feet high. As you can tell, the bur is gone."

The beach is also polluted with dead fish, tell-tale signs of more trouble to come.

"There dead fish everywhere on the beach. They don't have anything posted up. There are no signs or anything.

The residents here say Katrina washed away their beach and left unwanted debris behind.

"That's red tide. That's why you see all the fish on the beach. As soon as I come out and feel that in the back of my throat, I know it's red tide. It wasn't here yesterday. It's just one more thing that washing in off the Gulf."

Wildlife Conservation Commission officials haven't confirmed red tide in the area, but they say these are the symptoms. Red tide has been a problem in southwest Florida for several weeks now.